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I want 80 more kids, says 25-year old mum with 22 babies

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Having one child can be exhausting, so imagine having 22.

Well, that’s how many Christina Ozturk, has and she’s hoping to have 80 more.

Christina welcomed her first baby into the world at just 17 years old.

The mum and her millionaire hubby Galip have 21 children welcomed by surrogates, a tactical move made by Christina who wanted to have as many children as quickly as possible.

Last year, Christina revealed to the Mail Online that she wanted 105 children, adding another 83 to the already giant family.

The busy mum also gave an insight into what it’s like being a mum to so many tots.

She explained: “I’m with the kids all the time, doing all the things that mums normally do.”

Christina added that she runs a tight ship in her house when it comes to childcare and all her babies sleep from 8pm to 6am.

Culled from The Sun (UK)

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