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Obi praises Gov. Seyi Makinde, says he’s “doing a good work”

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The flag bearer of the Labour Party (LP) in the 2023 presidential election, Peter Obi on Thursday praised governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, saying the governor, who is a member of the major opposition party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) IS “doing a good work.

Obi said this during after a closed door meeting at the Oyo State governor’s office in Ibadan.

Speaking with journalists after the meeting, Obi said he was meeting well-meaning people across party lines as part of building a structure for electoral success in 2023.

Speaking further, Obi bemoaned monetization, asking Nigerians to question the money being shared around by politicians.

Obi who expressed his disgust at the sharing of money by politicians said he was out to change the narrative.

He said Nigerians should question the source of the money being shared by politicians, especially ask why such money is not invested in education, health, infrastructure, and the provision of jobs.

He added that he was out to remove the structure of criminality and corruption that had impeded the progress of the country.

Obi said: “On monetisation, whose money are they sharing? The money they are sharing is why there is joblessness in society. The money they are sharing is why universities are not open. That is the money we would have used to do what is right, to build human capital, to invest in education, invest in health. It is that money that is making people die in the hospital. It is that money that should be used to fix infrastructure.

“Where did they get the money? Where is their office? Where is their shop? Where is their factory where they employed people? Which money are they sharing? It is your money. I tell people, to take the money and vote against them because we want them out of the place. People don’t share money in other worlds because they want jobs.

“Our children want jobs. I have talented, energetic youths who don’t know where the next meal will come from and you are giving them money. Whenever I hear people talk about money, I get mad and annoyed. That is not what we want to do.

“That structure is the structure that kept us here. It is the structure of criminality that has allowed us to generate the power that we need. It is a structure that has brought this massive corruption. That is the structure we want to remove. Once we remove that structure, we start moving. It is a structure that is blocking the progress of Nigeria. That is why I am talking to everybody who means well like governor Seyi Makinde who are doing good work, going across party lines.”

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