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Breaking: Sanwo-Olu pegs church and mosque services at two hours…bans concerts, street parties

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The Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwo-Olu has restricted services at churches and mosques to a maximum of two hours and 50 per cent occupancy rate of the worship centres.

The new is a response to the recent spike in the number of Covid-19 infections across Nigeria and in Lagos state in particular. The state accounts for more than 60 per cent of infections in the country.

The governor, himself a Covid-19-positive patient, made this known in a statement titled “We cannot afford to relax the battle against Covid-19” released on Friday.

The Governor said, “Concerts, carnivals and street parties are banned in Lagos State until further notice.

“Night Clubs have not been allowed to open yet. All Night Clubs in Lagos must immediately shut down, until further notice.

“The midnight to 4a.m curfew imposed by the Federal Government remains in place.

“The protocol of ‘No Mask No Entry’ must be enforced by all public places: Offices, Businesses, Markets, Shops, and so on.

“All Places of worship (Churches, Mosques, etc.) must ensure that no gathering exceeds two hours, and also that no gathering exceeds 50% of the maximum capacity of the Venue.

“A minimum of two meters’ distance should be maintained between seated or standing guests.

“All guests and service providers at events MUST wear nose masks/coverings before entry.”

Meanwhile, security agents have been mandated to ensure full enforcement, without exception.

According to the Governor’s statement event centre owners, planners, vendors would be held responsible for any breach of protocols by their staff.

The state reads: “No one will be deemed to be above the law. Any and all breaches of these regulations and public health protocols will lead to immediate closure as well as attract heavy fines, and any other sanctions and penalties deemed fit, in line with the Lagos State Infectious Diseases Control Regulation 2020.

“We will continue to closely watch the profile of the unfolding situation, while also awaiting updates and pronouncements from the Presidential Task Force on COVID-19. We will also keep working with the Presidential Task Force to ensure that the gains of the recent past are not frittered away on the altar of festivities and sheer carelessness. The lives of ALL Lagosians, including our elders and other vulnerable citizens, matter.

“May I remind you of the importance of maintaining the principles of non-pharmaceutical interventions and measures that are well-documented strategies for interrupting the spread of the disease in our society. These measures are:

“Social distancing, a minimum of 2 meters apart. The wearing of face masks at all times in public places. Maintenance of personal and respiratory hygiene – regular handwashing/sanitizing, coughing or sneezing into a tissue and properly disposing.

“Presentation for testing at our numerous public and private testing facilities if you experience any of the COVID-19 symptoms. Isolation either at home or in any of our Treatment Centres if diagnosed positive for COVID-19.

“These measures represent the only way to keep the curve flattened and prevent a full-blown second wave from developing in Lagos”.

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