Sunday Igboho accuses FG of frozen his bank accounts


Yoruba human rights activist and freedom fighter, Sunday Adeyemo (Sunday Igboho) on Tuesday, accused the Federal Government of freezing his bank accounts.

He said his only sin against the State is his insistence that he would not allow Fulani herdsmen to kill, maim and rape Yoruba women. He also said the government’s action could also be because some people were collecting donations on his behalf.

However, Igboho said he had no hands in the said donations, warning that his accounts must be unfrozen to avoid nationwide protest by youths across the South-West region.

“They have frozen my bank accounts because I am fighting a just course. I know Yoruba people are behind me.

“I will not relent. I must achieve my aims by putting an end to criminalities in Yorubaland.

“If they refuse to release my accounts, there will be serious protests across the South-West.

“Yes, the Yoruba are living in fear. They are afraid that the killer-herdsmen might attack them.”


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