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Royal Battle: Ladoja drags Makinde, Olubadan, new Obas to court over chieftaincy review

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The Otun Olubadan of Ibadan, Senator Rashidi Ladoja, has dragged the Olubadan of Ibadan land, Ọba Olalekan Balogun, 11 Ibadan high chiefs elevated to kings and Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State to court over the review of the Oyo State Chieftaincy Law.

The Olubadan had last week crowned the high chiefs as Obas, following the approval of the governor.

But Ladoja, also a former governor of Oyo State, rejected his own crown and boycotted the event.

Ladoja had earlier, in an interview, declared that the only crown he wanted to wear is that of the Olubadan and also likened the decision of Governor Makinde to review the Chieftaincy Law to repairing what is not broken.

In a suit filed by his counsel, Barr Michael Lana, at the Ibadan Division of Oyo State High Court, Ladoja accused the Olubadan of plotting to prevent him from ascending the throne when it is his time.

The first defendant in the suit is Oba Balogun, while the 12th defendant is Governor Seyi Makinde. The second to the 11th defendants are the crowned Obas.

In his statement of claim, the former governor alleged that Olubadan is plotting that “if he “refused to be crowned, he would be denied of his status as Otun Olubadan of Ibadan land and that he would not be permitted to ascend the throne of Olubadan of Ibadan land when it is his turn.”

”To the dismay of the Claimant, he started hearing on media that he would be crowned on the 7th Day of July, 2023, when he has never consented to the untraditional act masterminded by the 1st Defendant.

“That since he has made it known to the 1st Defendant that the act of elevating any of the Olubadan in Council or High Chiefs to this status of His Royal Majesty is untraditional, the 1st Defendant has started plotting that if the Claimant refused to be crowned, he would be denied of his status as Otun Olubadan of Ibadan land and that he would not be permitted to ascend the throne of Olubadan of Ibadan land when it is his turn.

“That from Ekarun Olubadan of Ibadan land after due consideration, the 12th Defendant is the approving authority to become a King in Ibadan, which is Olubadan of Ibadan and no other King. The 12 Defendant has not in any form consent to the illegal act that the 1st Defendant is out to perpetuate.

“That the entire Ibadan land is the domain of Olubadan of Ibadan land and that the elevation that the 1st Defendant intends doing is to segregate Ibadan Land and cause disharmony. The Royal Majesty that the 1st Defendant is appointing would be a royal father without domain.

”That the act of the 1st Defendant to elevate the 2nd to 11th Defendants is contrary to Oyo State of Nigerian Gazette No. 03 Vol. 47 dated 11th February, 2022.

“That the act of the 1st Defendant trying to elevate the 2nd-11th Defendants to His Royal Majesty is against the tenor of judgment in M/317/2017 between HIGH CHIEF (SENATOR RASHIDI LADOJA VS THE GOVERNOR OF OYO STATE & ANOR delivered on the 19th day of November, 2019.

“That in order to stop this illegal act, through his counsel, he wrote a letter dated 4″ July, 2023 to the 1st Defendant.

“That it is only this Honourable Court that can protect the long-aged tradition of Ibadan Land from being bastardised, by restraining the Defendants from carrying out this untraditional act.

“I make this written statement on oath in good faith, conscientiously believing same to be true and correct pursuant to Oaths Act,” Lana averred.

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