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Nnamani rebukes Obi, says he introduced religious and ethnic politics in Nigeria

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The Chairman, Senate Committee on Cooperation and Integration in Africa/ NEPAD, Senator Chimaroke Nnamani, Enugu East  has taken a swipe at the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, alleging that he introduced  religious and ethnic politics in Nigeria.

In a statement on Sunday, the former Enugu State Governor said that reviewing the activities of  the just concluded elections,  he came to a conclusion that “Peter Obi deflowered the virgin innocence of political patriotism and nationalism in Nigeria.

“He fed our people with the sacred apple and Nigeria may never be the same again”.

Nnamani lamented, “What was in whispers and Hush-hush tones,  Peter proclaimed loud in decibels in Cathedrals and Holy Sepulchers. 

“The Roman Catholic dominant politics Peter  mastered and foisted on Anambra people when he was a Governor was a prelude to his nationwide campaigns.

He alleged that: “the  Roman Catholic Family Trinity of Mary, Joseph and Jesus, was what Peter  spread  ecumenically across the Faith landscape as the Labour Party Symbol of Father, Mother and Child.”

Nnamani who noted that Peter’s Religious war in garbs of Labour Party politics were nationalized and universalized for all Christian dominations amongst Nigerians home and abroad. “Peter  proselytized do not vote for me because I am a Christian”  but ” the  code was clear and  its subliminal assimilation final.

 “For his ethnic war, he  spread across Igbo domiciled areas across Nigeria, specifically  Markets and Shopping Malls. He picked out Christian minority areas for his campaigns in Northern and Central Nigeria. His Dual opium of Tribalism and Religious Bigotry have made National Landing to depart no more.”

The statement further stated, “Recall that an Enugu Catholic Priest Rev Father Ejike Mbaka of Adoration crusade has publicly apologized for the partisan role the church played during the elections.

“Rev Fr Mbaka  said: “The world should hear me, I’m using my name as a reverend father, a prophet and a messenger of God to apologize on behalf of the whole men of God; pastors, priests and  Bishops. I’m not worthy to apologize for Bishops but I’m apologizing, let the mercy of God descend because what we did within this political moment, a lot of indescribable political brouhaha and political  jingoism and a lot of atrocities we manifested by burying the power of the sacrament beneath political forces, political huffs and vultures, and they want to “vulturise” the church.

” We turned the church into campaign centres, we turned the church into a place of politicking, we messed up the alter, we defiled the alter of the most high God.

“We offended God and we started teaching the people in church where to vote and how they will do it.

“Where they drew humans the church said it’s the father, the son and the holy spirit (the three trinity in one God). Lots of blunders that were made by taking the glory of God and giving it to mortals.

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