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Leave Soludo alone

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By Sam Omatseye

I don’t see why some persons are not happy with Anambra State governor for saying what he knows about one of his bumbling predecessors who does not know how to invest. The governor did not originate the question. Why accuse him for saying what he knew. Chukwuma Soludo did not even show zeal about the subject. He was dismissive in attitude. He said the investment is worth nothing. Then the usual irate mob started lobbing stones. It is like Jesus said to the Jews, “You seek to kill me for telling you the truth.”

The Labour candidate’s sin is bad enough, but that is not the fellow’s worst offence against Anambra. What of the investment of Anambra money in his family business, or his offshore account, or the NEXT supermarket built while on the throne?

Soludo is a man of accountability. A former CBN governor would not and should not have done less in his interview on Channels. Failed governorship candidate Babatunde Gbadamosi was being petty interrogating intent as a strategy rather than content of fact. The Labour presidential candidate has been exposed as lying about what he left behind. He played a fast one on Obiano by writing a deceptive letter about the accounts. Later, cheques materialised to dry up the juice. He blindsided the accounts.

If that is not deceit or political conmanship, what is it? They can learn one or two things about investment from a former Lagos State governor. Against many naysayers, he invested Lagos State’s $4 billion and raked in $15 billion. Who is the great man for the economy? The man who invested for personal profit or the one who shovelled in the harvest for the state.

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