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Ibadan-based robotic engineer develops drone to detect kidnappers and terrorists hideouts

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If the claims of Dr. Olusola Ayoola, a robotic engineer and founder of Robotic and Artificial Intelligence Nigeria (RAIN) is anything to go by, the days of banditry and kidnapping are numbered.

According to Ayoola, its Ibadan-based indigenous AI firm has developed Carbon Emission Tracker (CET) Drone for aerial surveillance in detecting hideouts of criminals within caves and forest areas.

In an interview with TechDigest.ng, Ayoola revealed that criminal elements hiding in caves and forested areas cannot escape the innovative capability of drone surveillance offered by the Carbon Emission Tracker Drone (CETD).

“We discovered the Carbon Emission Detection Based Aerial Surveillance which allows for a drone to sniff out hideouts through the carbon their activities emit. As long as human life exists in a forested location, there must be carbon emission, be it under a cave, under a canopy or inside a bunker.

“This novel solution comes with a barrage of many other possibilities and insight into how we can bring back security to our dear Nation and other nations in Africa. We cannot overemphasize the role of geospatial intelligence. So, wherever government cannot be physically present, government’s intelligence must always be.

“If this is an indication of a criminal enclave rapidly developing across the country, then it helps us nip the growth in the bud before it becomes another combative force’’, he said.

Ayoola appealed for assistance from the federal government to enable RAIN expand its research and development initiatives and develop other transformative digital innovations so as to uplift Nigeria’s technological capabilities.

He added that his firm is home to talented young innovators who are dedicated to searching for digital technology-powered solutions to diverse economic and social problems.

Other digital technology inventions by Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Nigeria (RAIN) include solutions for management of the energy sector, a modular road traffic light system, an artificial vision for the blind, personal security wireless perimeter fencing for private homes and for saving soldiers from ambush.

A first-class graduate of Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Ibadan, and obtained in a Distinction in Masters Degree and Doctorate degree in Robotics for Extreme Environments in the University of Manchester UK.

He had worked with a Robotics Firm to address some of the UK’s Nuclear Decommissioning challenges before returning to Nigeria.

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