Sunday Igboho is our son, Ooni of Ife


    The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, has declared that Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho is a true son of Oduduwa, declaring that he would never hold any grudge against him, even though the latter spurned every move to make him a bit circumspect in his agitation for the Yoruba nation.

    Fedredsnews had earlier reported how Igboho and his wife were arrested and detained by security operatives in the Republic of Benin while attempting to board a flight to Germany. While his wife was later released and allowed to travel out of the country, Igboho is still in detention in the neighbouring country.

    Attempts to get him repatriated back to Nigeria by the Buhari administration hit the brick wall despite diplomatic pressure exerted by the Buhari administration on the tiny West African country.

    In the BBC interview, Ooni said the Yoruba self-determination activist allowed himself to be used by politicians who goaded him to embark on a self-destructive mission.

    The monarch revealed that he explained the reasons why Igboho and some Yoruba youths were agitating for a Yoruba nation and the president said Igboho needs to “calm down and be patient”.

    The president also asked monarchs in the South-West advise Igboho against moves that are lawless.

    The monarch, who said Igboho has a just cause to fight, said he should have been more diplomatic.

    He alleged that Igboho was misled by politicians, insisting that the activist deserved the support of monarchs in the region.

    On his part, Ooni said he had forgiven Igboho and already working to get him freed from detention in Benin Republic.

    He urged other Yoruba Nation agitators to consider dialogue.

    He said, “I have always told the government to call the agitators for a dialogue. Sunday Igboho grew up in Ife. All that he has become today, started from Ife. He fought the Ife and Modakeke war and both lands belong to Ife. He is a son of the soil.

    “He wanted to fight for his kinsmen. He stood up and fought for those killed in Oke Ogun. We thank God for preserving his life. He tried his best but he was overwhelmed by different advice from people.

    “Many people advised him wrongly. He listened to them.

    “I visited President Buhari on his case and we discussed it. I told him that Igboho is our son, he told me that he (Igboho) should stay calm and exercise patience. The president told me that monarchs should warn him to be calm.

    “After I left Buhari’s place, I called on monarchs and elders of Yoruba land for a meeting to advise Igboho to exercise patience but Igboho did not listen. He started abusing everyone, including the monarchs I sent to him.

    “He hurled so many bad words but he is still our son. God owns forgiveness. We’ve forgiven him. If he had listened, he wouldn’t have found himself in his current travail.

    “We are trying our best to secure his release.

    “It is better to fight together. We can only achieve our goal if we are united.

    “No one can fight with the government alone? You’ve to be diplomatic.”


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