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Breaking: Jan. 18 resumption date is not certain – Education Minister

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The Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu on Monday said the Federal Government is inclined to have a rethink on the January 18 resumption date earlier communicated to parents, adding that given the rising caseloads of Covid-19 infections, the government is likely to review that date.

Speaking at a briefing on Monday, Mr Adamu said there are concerns in official quarters about the propriety of the scheduled date.

“It (January 18th date of school reopening) is not sacrosanct. When we decided on that date it was just a target towards what we were working on,” he said.

“Of course, we are keeping it in view and looking at what is happening in society, and then it is supposed to be subject to constant review. Even today at the PTF meeting we looked at the rising figures and thought about if we should probably take another look at it.

“On January 18th resumption, we are reviewing it, we are going to review it… tomorrow the Ministry is going to take it up”, he said.

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